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  • 09:00 - 18:00

    Deep Dive with Vue3

    Separate workshop ticket required - SOLD OUT

    Go beyond the API and peek into the internal mechanisms of Vue, and how it has changed between 2.x and 3.0.

    Learn about the new patterns made available by the new APIs in 3.0.


    The Vue3 roadmap currently shows a release for Q1 in 2020, perfect timing to get up to speed with the new version during our workshop on Saturday 22nd February 2020 by the Creator of Vue.js Evan You.

    As Evan You summarized it, Vue 3 will be faster, smaller, more maintainable and it will be easier to target native.

    Composition API

    One of the most significant changes is that a new API that will allow for a function-based way of writing your component, inspired by React Hooks. It lets you encapsulate logic into 'composition functions' and reuse that logic across components. Read the whole Request for Comments (RFC) for more info about the proposal or look into the API reference. (The API has been renamed from 'Functions API' to 'Composition API' along the way, so don't let that confuse you!)

    Yes, that changes the way how we use Vue. However, it won't break anything in your Vue 2.x apps, as the new API is 100% compatible with the current syntax, which won't be deprecated any time soon.

    Other pretty exciting changes in Vue 3:

    • Virtual DOM rewrite for better performance and improved TypeScript support
    • Exposed Reactivity API
    • Time Slicing Support
    • Static Tree Hoisting
    • Optimized Slots Generations
    • Monomorphic Calls
    • ... and more.


    Do I need a laptop?


    What do I need to have installed on my laptop?

    The prerequisites are:
    • Please have Node.js 10 or higher installed
    • Editor: VS Code is recommended.

    Location & Program


    Passionate People HQ
    Condensatorweg 54
    1014AX Amsterdam


    • 09:00 - Doors Open & Breakfast
    • 10:00 - Start
    • 13:30 - Lunch
    • 18:00 - End

    by Evan You
    Creator at Vue.js
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